Golden Eye


   This might as well be considered the original call of duty in my opinion.  It was certainly as popular.  Goldeneye was essentially the first real multiplayer game that everyone loved and would intentionally get together to play.  Yes, back then we actually had to go to someones house that had the game and all find a way to sit within 8 feet of the television, which is why we all wear glasses now, and play and talk and hang out.  It was not as convenient as today where you could sit in your undies on a bean bag eating cheetos pretending your a BA asking mom to bring you dessert after dinner.   Nonetheless, 007 Goldeneye was fun and full of action and always a good challenge and excuse to hang out.  My friends and I only had one rule when we all got together to play: no one was allowed to be OddJob.

007 3

Anyone that has ever played the good ol N64 version of Godeneye knows that choosing Oddjob may as well have been a hack, a cheat, or a 99 lives code.  Oddjob was the biggest most well known cheat since Contra.  Here was the issue, the character of Oddjob in the 007 series was a hired henchmen that was around 3’6″ tall, and his main attack was to throw his bowler hat at someone like a frisbee and it would knock them out instantly.  No, really, I’m serious.  This used to make for an exciting action movie folks.  So of course, Nintendo, in all their efforts to make the game realistic, made Oddjob shorter than any other character.  What this created was the inability to shoot him in the head.  The auto aim that was built in the game wouldn’t adjust low enough to shoot Oddjob off the cuff without actually hitting the aim button and moving the cursor down.  This created a problem when rounding corners and shooting fast without aiming when you were close to another player, which was always because most of the maps were very small compared to the maps we play in now.  So if you ran in to odd job and started firing at him even with the cursor on his head, you would literally just shoot his hat off….. IT WAS SO BOGUS AND FRUSTRATING.  Oddjob quickly became synonymous with cheating and started picking up more jokes and marketing traction than the actual game did.

007 2007 5


007 6

As cheap as being Oddjob was, theres no doubt that I have fond memories of this game, I mean who can’t fall in love with those graphics…. remember, watch your back, you might get slap chopped!

007 4



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   An instant classic the first time i played it.  Rampage ranks right up there with Galaga and Asteroid for me.  It makes me a sad panda though that I cant find it anymore as an arcade game.  Playing it in the pizza shop growing up was as much access as I ever had to that game.  Who was your favorite monster? I always loved the white abominable sasquatch. Can’t remember his name for the life of me.  


   Of course I must bring this game up because of course there is a movie in the works for it.    It stars Duane The Rock Johnson.  I must say I am absolutely intrigued as to how they will make a film out of this game.  The closest footage in a movie I’ve seen to this game would be the giant size fight scene in the power lines of Crank 2, starring Jason Stathom.  An already fascinating movie, the live action movie ceases for around 5 minutes and goes straight in to a claymation fight between two 20 feet tall men.  I never really did know what to do with that scene. 

      Well movie or no movie, I loved the classic game.  Its essentially two monsters sumo wrestling with a wrestling game mixed in to it, you can even bounce your opponent off the ropes.  Only these ropes are electrified. And throughout the entire game you still get the satisfaction of being a monster and running over crap and destroying crap.  You get to crush buildings, blow stuff up, and rip trees out of the ground.  Its always fun to fight, its more fun to get to destroy stuff while you do it.



NFL Gameday 99

     As fun as NFL Blitz was with its 5 on 5 format and highly illegal tackles and mud stomping afterwords (it really promoted good sportsmanship). I found no football game more fun that Gameday 99.  I know I know, Madden is the shiznit, whatever, I like Madden, I enjoy playing it and I have to give it to them for trying to create as realistic as an actual football game as possible.  My problem is this, I don’t want to create my own character and run 40 yard dashes and see how many times I can bench 225 (50 by the way).  Additionally, to be honest.  I am not smart enough at football to select a play in the allotted amount of time.  It has almost become too complicated for us simple gaming folks.  No doubt, there’s a market for it, I just personally don’t enjoy it as much.

     There is nothing more that I enjoyed for a long time than the “juke” button for Gameday 99.  If i could not run a kickoff back i was depressed.  I think I played that game for a few years and could count the number of passing plays I ran on one hand.  Usually they were for two point conversions.  I mean when its that easy and fun to dodge slow mow tackles in graphics like that, who can resist.  My most difficult choices in that game were whether to run an I – form draw, or a shotgun sweep.  There were only 10 plays you could choose from.  It was simple, and a blasty blast.  It was a sad day for me when the Gameday and Faceoff franchise stopped, bumped by 2k sports.  It just did’nt have the same fun element to it.  I mean yeah they are fun games, but like, nothing will ever be the kind of fun that Techno bowl was you know.  Ahhh, I miss those times.

Playstation 1

     Looking back at where it all began.  The first Playstation.  Competing with the Nintendo 64 it was Sony’s debut in to the console world.  After the failure of Sega’s Dreamcast there was a lot of negativity around a console that was cd based as opposed to the cartridge beast that Nintendo created and still works to this day. On a side note I have an original NES and those cartridges still work, you remember all it took to fix them? Just blow in it really hard like your playing the harmonica.  It was the most cost efficient machine ever, you didn’t have to buy any extras and nothing ever broke. The only extra thing you ever bought with an original NES was the Game Genie cartridge so you could beat Contra… but that’s a whole other post, I’m off topic.
I loved the the original playstation system, who knew it would only be the beginning of a huge rivalry that would push Nintendo almost out of the gaming market, good thing for little kids right.  The rivalry that starts as many arguments as Coke or Pepsi, Bud or Miller, Playstation or Xbox?  No one is both, you’re on one side or the other.  I will forever be a Playstation guy but don’t hate.  It’s just preference and i must say the the XBOX One compared to the PS4 is a very impressive machine and its the first time that I may find myself on the fence a little bit.  But I digress.  I have nostalgic memories associated with the PS1 because I enjoyed playing games with my Dad.  However, my dad not having gaming be part of his generation growing up, was not naturally good at it, but he enjoyed spending time with me.  But in most games he would try, not succeed, then get frustrated.  Especially because at this time most two player games were a competition based format.  Very few games at that time were co-op format.  So it became very important for me to find games that we could enjoy together that he could play with me and we would have fun.  For me that game NHL Faceoff ’97.  I remember saying out loud that the graphics were so good that it looked real. That’s laughable now right… So i have those memories associated with Playstation that will be hard to overlook.

   Now my personal favorite during that time was a classic that i still have downloaded, Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal 2.  More the sequel than the first.  My favorite was Axel. A dude that was somehow melded to two monster 8 ft tall tires that had a Hulk smash type special move and damaged anyone within proximity so you didn’t have to aim. This was a game I had to play with my friend and not my Dad because that didn’t end well.  My buddy always loved the trucks, he would use sweet tooth, the monster truck, or the flatbed tow truck. (Ironically my buddy works for a tow truck company now:  I mention that because i do find it interesting how we are shaped from our childhood, and what we like and what we enjoy begins to be revealed until eventually we decide whether or not to be a part of it in life.  It was apparent with him and I think he owns that company now, it’s just funny how it pans out. 

     I have lots of fond memories from these classic consoles.  I know the quality of games today has so far surpassed these oldies that its not even comparable, I go back and play the old ones and its more difficult that it was before because of what I’ve gotten used to in the current gaming era. It’s just different.  And though when I do play I choose to play something current, my fondest gaming memories come from the past, sitting on a floor because controllers had a cord… yeah… remember that, and playing with people that were in the room with me.  I hope you don’t overlook these memories that you may have as well.




Game Gear

     Time to dive in to a blast from the past and evaluate the pros and cons of the little owned Game Gear.  That’s right I hopefully unlike you grew up in the kind of family that when I asked for something I typically received the slightly similar and cheaper but definitely not as good as product. This happened to me with three main products through my life that have scarred me and haunted me forever.  The first was what I write about today.  Nintendo releases the esteemed GameBoy, the first ever portable hand held gaming device.  just a thought at how far we have come to think of a Gameboy 25 years ago vs our phones today.  Anyway, asked my parents for a Gameboy, got a Game Gear.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the device it is Gameboy’s ugly bulkier cousin once removed made by the lovely Sega company.

     game gear

      As yo can see it was almost 3 times the size of the GameBoy.  Definitely not pocket friendly,  as big as phones are today I still as an adult do not have a pocket that could contain that.  But I digress, the two biggest things the Game Gear had going for it were the speaker on the front of the device, and it had a color screen where the GameBoy did not at first.  It was nice to have good sound and color, I won’t lie to you, but it was at the expense of my pride.  I suppose as I think about it now it was also nice to have curved sides, nothing made me raw inside my thumbs quite like a Nintendo controller which the GameBoy was not that different.  But I got cramps in my hands especially if we were on a long trip because it had to stretch it so far to get to the buttons. 

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Welcome to my website!

Hello all,

Thanks for stopping by, welcome to T-Shirt Crib!  This will be my celebration of all that is good and glorious and wonderful about classic video games.  Yes we will talk about some new ones, yes we will talk about some culture around said video games, and maybe even about video game movies.


So the first thing I want to get off my chest is this. I recently was finally able to watch the movie Pixels.  I know I know, you’re all groaning.  NO NO, don’t leave yet!!!  Give me a chance!  Hear me out!


OK, so I had read all the negative reviews and still chose to rent the movie, even knowing everyone’s objection to it.  But come on, I had to, I mean first of all, the whole entire movie premise is about vintage video games, of which I have my own website about.  So you know, there’s that…. Secondly, I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan, and a big fan of Peter Dinklage, so that made me want to see it, and yes even though I think their act is a little old, the combination of Adam Sandler and Kevin James still makes me laugh.


All that being said,  I actually enjoyed the movie immensely.  It sucked me in and allowed me to celebrate the arcade games that I grew up on in a whole different way.  The whole movie had a nostalgic feel about it.  Heck, just being able to see a modern interacting  version of Q-Bert was awesome and left me with a lingering warm and fuzzy feeling inside.



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